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Begin your strength training journey with our innovative 8 Week Beginners’ Strength Programme.
Learn to train in a safe and effective way. Join our community of like-minded people and become the strongest version of yourself.
Many of our members began their HENCH journey on the programme. We get to know you, learn about you as an individual, your movement and your goals.
This the start of a long and successful journey towards increased strength, wellbeing and resilience.



The programme begins in September 2020 and costs £298. 6 places are available per intake.



Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

We accurately assess your body composition in private using medical-grade, non-invasive scanning technology. At the end of the 8 weeks, we reassess and show how much body-fat you lose, and lean muscle you gain on the programme.

 Full Movement Screening

Full Movement Screening

A coach-led assessment of your movement and flexibility allows us to get to know you, how you move and provide an initial coaching recommendation. We continue to monitor your movement and flexibility throughout your trial to gauge improvement.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training Sessions

We tailor the programme according to your goals and starting point, but we'll start with three Small Group Personal Training sessions a week for 8 weeks. Our personal training sessions allow us to solely focus on you and your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition advice complements your fitness programme and helps you reach your goals. We work with you to understand your current habits and help develop sustainable lifestyle habits which can result in significant body composition changes.

Baseline Strength Testing

Baseline Strength Testing

We coach you on each of the big lifts then safely and methodically assess where you are at right now in terms of over strength and positional strength by assessing ranges of motion on certain lifts. This helps us create a plan that works for you.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

One of our team will be your assigned strength coach and will be on hand whenever you need them, to answer any questions and help you stay on track. With your dedication and our expert team, we can achieve your goals.



Booking Confirmation

Begin your registration by booking in for your one-to-one evaluation session and get a confirmation email.


Lets get acquainted

Then you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire, to let us know a little bit about you and your goals.


Book your evaluation

Finally, you’ll select a date and time for your initial one-to-one evaluation session. Now you’re on your way.

Interested in our 8-Week Beginners Strength Programme?

Become the strongest version of yourself - from the inside out. Experience world class, personalised fitness in a fun and welcoming community environment.

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Want to find out a little more?

We understand that the first step on your strength training journey can feel like a big one – we’ve been there ourselves.

It’s understandable that you might have a few questions that you might want to ask before deciding to begin the Beginners’ Strength Programme.

If you want to find out a bit more about our Beginners’ Strength Programme, please enter your details below and we will be in touch with some further information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never lifted weights before?


Our 8 Week Beginners’ Strength Programme is designed for those individuals who have little or no experience of weight/gym-based training.

We personalise the programme to you, take it at your own pace and help you build your confidence with safe, efficient and effective strength training methods.

How does the Beginners’ Strength Programme work?

The programme runs for eight consecutive weeks.

Each week, you will have the opportunity to attend up to three Beginners’ Strength sessions per week. These are small group personal training sessions which are led by a member of our expert coaching team.

Small group personal training provides you with coaching that is personal and unique to you, whilst allowing you to be part of a fun group of like-minded people, who are on the same journey as you.

What if I’ve had a previously negative gym experience?

We’re sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, many people come to us having had a less than positive previous experience of the gym.

At HENCH, we approach things a bit differently. We’ve worked hard to build an inclusive community and environment that welcomes and supports you, no matter what point of your fitness journey you are at.

We put you as an individual first, taking things at a pace that suits you and meeting you where you are at this minute in time. The thought of forcing anyone into something they aren't comfortable with is our worst nightmare.

What if I have aches, pains or injuries?

Many of our members come to us with injuries or life-related issues like joint niggles, back pain or unwanted weight gain.
Our coaching team is highly experienced in creating personalised approached programmes that target and improve a wide range of conditions. Whilst we have succeeded in improving many conditions, we’re not physiotherapists. When necessary, we actively consult with medical professionals such as physiotherapists or consultants when members are returning from specific injuries or treatment.

What happens after the Beginners’ Strength Programme?

You’re free to choose. If you want to carry on and work with us to reach your fitness goals, we’ll suggest an appropriate membership option and programme going forward.

The majority of our first Beginners’ Strength Programme from January 2019 are still with us, working hard and continuing to become stronger than ever!

If you decide that HENCH isn’t for you, you can simply say goodbye. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we accept that we can’t be all things to all people.

I have trained in gyms before but I still want to learn proper strength training. Can I take part in the programme?

Fantastic - we’re always excited to hear about people who want to learn the skill of proper strength training!