Less time, more progress.

Less time, more progress.

By Jay Malcolm 2-3 minutes

Can’t find the time?

We hear this a lot. You may have told yourself this when attempting to establish a training routine over the years. WE ALL HAVE.

Our coaching team help busy, driven people every day, but can admit that we can be shocked at how packed our members days can be. That’s why we emphasise the importance of having a realistic approach and expectations.

The idea that you need to dedicate hours in the gym each day to make meaningful change is outdated. Strength training shouldn’t feel like another job. However, you can make great progress in a short space of time.
We regularly see members get better results than when previously training six times per week, with three hours of progressive, personalised coaching. The reality is, when we’re pressed for time or stressed, even 30-45 minute a few times per week are GREAT. The research has shown this.

Take the hassle away from training. The most important thing is that you’re enjoying the process, setting realistic goals, and learning how to move your body with intent. The rest will come together quicker than you think.