Corporate Wellbeing

Lead your employees towards enhanced wellbeing and performance with our innovative approach to corporate wellbeing.

Our Corporate Wellbeing System introduces employers and employees to the key ingredients underpinning optimal physical health, mental wellbeing and high performance. We connect people and organisations to the elements vital to their physical and mental health - the things that they need to perform at a high level day after day; at work, home and beyond.

Our Approach

We help employees increase their energy and resilience, decrease fatigue and stress, reduce aches and pains, manage their weight or even take on new challenges such as running a 10K!

This is delivered via a unique blend of personal coaching, small group personal training, nutrition guidance, body composition scans, recovery and regeneration therapies and performance technology.

We work with companies to understand their culture and the outcomes they desire. Employees are assigned a personal coach, who works with the individual to perform both initial and ongoing assessments such as accurate body composition scans, movement screening and nutritional analysis to inform and build an individualised plan to help them reach their health and performance goals.


Work with us

We would love to discuss how HENCH could help further your corporate wellbeing efforts. 

To obtain a copy of our corporate wellbeing brochure, or to arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your requirements please email enquiries@hench.io and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

We’re transforming how leading organisations approach corporate wellness.

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