Our Members

Academics, artists, architects, baristas, barristers, cast and crew, clinicians, creatives, developers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists, restaurateurs, retirees, scientists, solicitors, students, surgeons, teachers, vets and waiters who come together with a shared goal—to become stronger for life.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds with unique goals and experiences—from those looking to improve their general strength and well-being to those seeking to raise the bar for their hobby or sport. These HENCH gym reviews offer a personal glimpse into our members' journeys.


"I'm spending half the time in the gym as I did previously but making much better progress. I feel less fatigued during long and stressful work days, and better in general - happy that I can carve out space in my day to lift."

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"It kinda reminds me of Cheers. You know, like you know where everybody knows your name. I feel like I'm part of something in the community, and the coaches here are smiling at me and encouraging me and making me feel like I can accomplish whatever I wanted"

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"I've gotten more out of Hench and I have in the previous 10 years of going to gyms"

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"There's so many things that I love about HENCH. It's quite hard to pinpoint just one. I'd have to say my favorite thing is the time commitment that they give you."

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"My favorite thing about HENCH is the balance that it gives me. Before joining, I was looking for a place that I would be able to train and feel independent, have my own sense of autonomy"

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"The things I like best about HENCH is that coaching is really good. And it's made me think about exercise differently in terms of structuring it through my weight, giving myself rest days, allowing myself time to recover, eating well."

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"I think over the last nine months I've actually transformed completely physically, but mentally and to be strong is like really cool, especially as a woman."

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"I was kind of hoping to learn more about the actual basics. And ever since I've kind of been a bit hooked. I've seen pretty good progression since I've joined."

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"It's had a really positive impact on my work-life balance, I have more energy and I've never been stronger, and just really enjoy it here. It's just a great place to train."

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