Wave goodbye to the usual queues, shared equipment and guesswork of training in gyms to achieve your goals.

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Who is it for?

Our methods are about one thing: Your journey. It's not about achieving a universal standard of strength or a preconceived aesthetic ideal, but about becoming the strongest version of yourself. We align your program and daily actions with your goals as you progress through your journey.

How does it work?

With small-group strength training (SGST) you can confidently drive long-term progress by following a personalised program using reserved equipment, training at a time that suits your schedule with highly qualified, expert coaches with you each step of the way so you won't ever feel overwhelmed.

HENCH Belfast gym

Why is our approach different?

We'll help you set realistic expectations of progress over different timeframes, tailor our approach to meet your evolving needs and aspirations and act as your guide to avoid misinformation, quick fixes, and impersonal training programs. You'll learn to master the basics and train independently to make training part of your life for decades to come.

Beginner to intermediate
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Personalised strength coaching.
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  • Katrina

    19th March 2024

    I joined Hench around 6 months ago now and couldn’t recommend them more. I joined having done no strength training previously so was a little nervous but the coaching and support I’ve received has been amazing and has really changed my mindset in a positive way in relation to exercise. It’s been amazing to see the progress I’ve made which wouldn’t have been possible without the coaches. The timing of the coaching slots available gives me the flexibility to go whenever suits around work and other commitments, with the booking system meaning all the equipment I need for my session is available when I go. I’d highly recommend for anyone looking to give strength training a go!

  • Damien

    25th May 2023

    I joined HENCH last year to prolong my sporting career. At 35 I was about to start a new season with my local team where the average age is 22. I’ve always been a member of gyms around Belfast and would have considered myself to be fairly knowledgeable in relation to weights training. However, when I joined HENCH, what I got was an education. An education I wish I had 15 years ago. There is a great atmosphere around the place, unlike any other gym I have attended, it actually feels more like a club or team. Subsequently with my team we have had are most successful season ever, reaching an all Ireland final of which I’ve been able to contribute thanks to the team at Hench for their coaching and expertise.

  • Eoin

    Great gym with really knowledgeable and passionate staff. A community of likeminded people, all looking to better themeselves in one way or another. Equally suitable to both the beginner and advanced trainer. Without doubt the best decision I have taken in respect of my health and well-being has been joining Hench. I cannot recommend the place enough.

Best In Class

Purposely designed services, facilities and experiences. Rest assured you'll be training in a clean, safe environment where you'll be made to feel comfortable from your first visit.

Belfast gym

St. George's Market HQ

Our newly expanded 7,500 sq ft Belfast gym is the largest private gym of its kind in Northern Ireland.
HENCH Belfast gym

Reserved Equipment

Get the most out of each session with your own equipment. No queues and none of the waiting times faced when sharing.
HENCH Belfast gym

Premium Experience

Premium changing and showering cubicles are also provided for our members for complete privacy.
HENCH Belfast Gym

Performance Tracking

We tailor individualised programmes and objectively measure training progress to chart performance improvements to show you how fast you progress across different exercises.
HENCH Belfast gym

Progress Analysis

We utilise medical-grade body composition analysis to evaluate and review our member's progress in muscle gain and body fat loss and a range of other useful metrics for assessing strength, resilience, and wellbeing.
HENCH Belfast gym

Recovery Suite

Our premium infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate your skin and warm you directly. Paired with our Cryospa, we delivery Contrast Therapy sessions to rejuvenate and revive after a busy week inside and outside of the gym.

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