Wave goodbye to the queues, shared equipment and guesswork of becoming stronger, leaner and healthier.

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Become stronger, leaner and healthier with only 2-3 hours of weekly personalised coaching sessions. Discover expert personal training, personalised programs, reserved equipment, and 80+ training slots to fit your schedule.

HENCH Belfast gym

How does it work?

With small-group strength training (SGST) you can confidently drive long-term progress by following a personalised program using reserved equipment, training at a time that suits your schedule with highly qualified, expert coaches with you each step of the way so you won't ever feel overwhelmed.

HENCH Belfast gym

Why is our approach different?

We'll help you set realistic expectations of progress over different timeframes, tailor our approach to meet your evolving needs and aspirations and act as your guide to avoid misinformation, quick fixes, and impersonal training programs. You'll learn to master the basics and train independently to make training part of your life for decades to come.

HENCH Belfast gym

Who is it for?

Our methods are about one thing: Your journey. It's not about achieving a universal standard of strength or a preconceived aesthetic ideal, but about becoming the strongest version of yourself. We align your program and daily actions with your goals as you progress through your journey.

Comprehensive support
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Personalised strength training.
Intermediate to advanced
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Enhanced support
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Personalised strength coaching.
Beginner to intermediate
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  • Esther

    19th March 2024

    If you’re looking to change your life, this is the place for you! I joined Hench nearly two years ago. At the time I was desperate for change and knew I needed support, structure and to be educated on how to train properly. I got into the best shape of my life through the encouragement & expertise of the incredible coaches, an amazing safe environment and built such a strong fitness foundation in myself. From there, I got married & got pregnant and I’m still training right up to being 39 weeks pregnant. I wouldn’t be here without my journey at Hench and I know I’ll be stronger for life because of them! Cant wait to see what life will be like for me post baby! I honestly would recommend Hench to everyone that wants to take training seriously, become your best self and achieve goals over a long sustainable period of time!

  • Barry

    Top notch facilities, brilliant coaching & programming. Hench takes all the thinking and hassle out of a structured training program. I’ve made better progress here in 6 months than in the past 5 years training on my own. I’d highly recommend Hench to anyone interested in strength training, from complete beginner to experienced athletes.

  • Sameen

    I joined HENCH 2 years ago as a complete beginner and have been training there consistently ever since. HENCH has shifted my mindset around strength training and has provided me with an opportunity to view my fitness journey from a more balanced perspective. I love the great atmosphere at HENCH and have always felt comfortable training there without the fear of being judged. Coaches are also very knowledgeable, they helped me build a strong foundation which has guided me to be more confident in strength training. I would highly recommend this place to everyone, especially beginners who are looking for a healthy environment to start their training journey.

Best In Class

Purposely designed services, facilities and experiences. Rest assured you'll be training in a clean, safe environment where you'll be made to feel comfortable from your first visit.

Belfast gym

St. George's Market HQ

Our newly expanded 7,500 sq ft Belfast gym is the largest private gym of its kind in Northern Ireland.
HENCH Belfast gym

Reserved Equipment

Get the most out of each session with your own equipment. No queues and none of the waiting times faced when sharing.
HENCH Belfast gym

Premium Experience

Premium changing and showering cubicles are also provided for our members for complete privacy.
HENCH Belfast Gym

Performance Tracking

We tailor individualised programmes and objectively measure training progress to chart performance improvements to show you how fast you progress across different exercises.
HENCH Belfast gym

Progress Analysis

We utilise medical-grade body composition analysis to evaluate and review our member's progress in muscle gain and body fat loss and a range of other useful metrics for assessing strength, resilience, and wellbeing.
HENCH Belfast gym

Recovery Suite

Our premium infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate your skin and warm you directly. Paired with our Cryospa, we delivery Contrast Therapy sessions to rejuvenate and revive after a busy week inside and outside of the gym.

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