for life.

Wave goodbye to crowded gyms
and impersonal training programmes.

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Personalised Roadmap

We'll help you take the guesswork out of strength training so you can achieve your unique goals.

Pioneering Approach

With small-group strength training (SGST) you can confidently drive long-term progress by following a personalised program using reserved equipment, training at a time that suits your schedule with highly qualified, expert coaches with you each step of the way so you won't ever feel lost or overwhelmed.

Proven Path

We'll help you set realistic expectations of progress over different timeframes, tailor our approach to meet your evolving needs and aspirations and act as your guide to avoid misinformation, quick fixes, and impersonal training programs. You'll learn to master the basics and train independently to make training part of your life for decades to come.

Personal Journey

Our methods are about one thing: Your journey. It's not about achieving a universal standard of strength or a preconceived aesthetic ideal, but about becoming the strongest version of yourself. We align your program and daily actions with your goals as you progress through your journey.

Stronger For Life

We'll help you take the guesswork out of strength training so you can achieve your unique goals whilst waving goodbye to crowded gyms.

Community Reviews on Google

  • Ross

    I have been training at HENCH now for 9 months. The facilities are great, the training is top class and the coaches are very knowledgeable and approachable. The attention to detail that you get in HENCH is brilliant. This has made a huge difference in improving my lifts and form each session. The atmosphere in the gym is great and I couldn't recommend it enough for anyone in the Belfast area!

  • Joshua

    Started at Hench recently, on the 8 week strength programme for beginners. Cool, genuine bunch of people, that are incredibly supportive, know their stuff and are more than willing to help guide you in the right direction. The gym has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, making it non-intimidating for people that are just starting, whilst offering a range of small group PT sessions that are suited to a varying range of capabilities/goals. As a beginner, I'm always learning something new, and each session is good fun - 100% :)

  • Keith

    I had been training by myself for a few years & felt things had plateaued, i was getting a bit bored with my commercial gym so decided I would give the Hench a try. It was exactly what i needed, i signed up & with the coaches help, I set some new personal goals. I joined their small group classes & 2.5 years later I am still making progress, still loving it & still learning all the time. They run excellent programs designed to get the most out of your workout and most importantly you learn how to do things right. The equipment is great, the coaches are sound & are dedicated to movement quality & precision. This is the best gym in town, go check them out.

World-class facilities.

The first and largest of its kind in Northern Ireland. Our gym is purposely designed so that our members train in small groups following their own personal programme, using reserved equipment for each session, which means no queues or sharing for a better experience.

Modern City Centre Facility

The best equipped private training facility in Northern Ireland, based right beside Belfast's famous St. Georges Market. Private changing and private showing facilities are also provided for our members.

Reserved Equipment

Get the most out of each session. You'll have access to all your own equipment, which means no queues or none of the waiting times faced when sharing with someone. You can rest assured you're training in a clean, safe environment where you'll be made to feel comfortable from your first visit.

Progress Tracking

Technology, in the right amounts. We tailor individualised programmes objectively measure training progress to chart performance improvements to show you how fast you progress across different exercises.

Progress Analysis

We utilise medical-grade body composition analysis to evaluate and review our member's progress in muscle gain and body fat loss and a range of other useful metrics for assessing strength, resilience, and wellbeing.


Cryotherapy activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve the symptoms of many conditions and promote well-being. It can reduce muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and several ailments, including skin conditions, insomnia, rheumatism, and stress.

Infrared Sauna

Our premium infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate your skin and warm you directly. Infrared light has the ability to provide healing benefits to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Sauna use has been reported to enhance recovery, relieve pain, and improve circulation.

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