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HENCH is one of the fastest-growing and most renowned coaching gyms in the UK and Ireland. Since 2012, we have helped thousands of people to fall in love with strength training by thinking of the pursuit as something to learn, master and enjoy for a lifetime.

Imagine working as part of a team of like-minded, ambitious, fun, curious, professional and down-to-earth people who are as passionate about the ability for strength training to change lives as you are.

We’re always looking for great people; if you imagine yourself here, this could be the place for you.

Current Vacancies

We’re looking for vocational strength coaches to join us at HENCH. Ideal candidates should possess (or be working towards) a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a related field (such as Strength and Conditioning, Sports Science, Sports Development with Coaching, Exercise Physiology etc.).

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Meet the Senior Team

Discover the dedicated professionals behind HENCH. Our team is composed of individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also passionate advocates of fitness and well-being. With diverse backgrounds and unique personal experiences, they contribute to the rich, supportive environment we proudly call the HENCH community. As you consider joining our team, know that at HENCH, we celebrate personal and professional growth, encourage innovation, and foster a culture of excellence and camaraderie. Start your journey with us today.

Name and Position: Get to know Rory, our Founder and Managing Director at HENCH.

Qualifications and Experience: With a solid academic background in Biomedical Science and Sport and Exercise Sciences and a certification in Nutrition Coaching, Rory exemplifies the professional standards we uphold at HENCH. His extensive coaching and training experience contributes to his vision for HENCH.

Role in HENCH: As our founder, Rory works intimately with the coaching team, guiding and shaping the HENCH methodology based on shared principles. His role involves continually refining our coaching methods in line with best practices in the industry.

Coaching Philosophy: Rory sees strength and conditioning as a transformative journey, influencing physical health and mental well-being. This belief is a cornerstone of the HENCH philosophy. Rory’s passion for the transformational power of strength training and good nutritional habits is rooted in his experiences of losing over 70 lbs in his twenties. 

Specialities: Rory has a rich background in Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting training, and Nutrition coaching, providing an invaluable resource for the team at HENCH.

Personal Bio: Rory’s journey in fitness includes diverse athletic experiences, from winning accolades in powerlifting and weightlifting to participating in MMA. Beyond physical fitness, he advocates for mental health as an ambassador for charities like Inspire and TAMHI. 

Fun fact: Rory was the first-ever overall IPF Powerlifting champion NI, Ireland and All-Ireland and has won silver at the WDFPF Powerlifting Championships. he has competed nationally in Powerlifting, Weightlifting and Mixed Martial Arts.

Name and Position: Meet Conor Johnson, our Head Strength Coach at HENCH.
Qualifications and Experience: Conor brings a wealth of expertise to his role, holding a BA in Sports Development with Coaching and numerous other qualifications from renowned training institutions. With nine years of diverse coaching experience, he exemplifies the professional standards we uphold at HENCH.
Role in HENCH: Conor leads our coaching team, ensuring exceptional service and a superior member experience. During his three years with HENCH, he has helped countless members achieve outstanding results. At HENCH, your contribution can similarly impact many lives.
Coaching Philosophy: Conor champions an individualised, science-based approach to training. He believes in mastering the basics, establishing solid habits, and evolving with individual needs and goals – a philosophy you’ll appreciate at HENCH.
Specialities: Conor is a multifaceted coach with expertise ranging from Strength and Conditioning to Nutrition Coaching and Program Design. At HENCH, we value this diverse knowledge and encourage its expansion.
Personal Bio:  Conor’s journey into the fitness world was inspired by his love for competitive sports and his innate desire to help others. This passion led him on an international adventure to Qatar, where he lived after university and helped set up and manage a gym. His experience in competitive Judo, both as an athlete and a coach, and his ranking within the top 20 in Ireland during the Crossfit Open from 2016 to 2020 is a testament to his commitment and dedication.
Fun fact:  Conor has lived in the Middle East, reflecting his spirit of exploration and adventure.

Name and Position: Say hello to Jay Malcolm, our Senior Strength Coach at HENCH.

Qualifications and Experience: Jay has a Bachelor’s in Sport & Exercise Science and holds CrossFit and Gymnastics coaching qualifications. His passion for fitness turned into a profession when he joined HENCH full-time.

Role in HENCH: Jay progressed from Coaching Assistant to Senior Strength Coach in just two and a half years, demonstrating the potential for career growth at HENCH.

Coaching Philosophy: Jay sees strength training as a transformative journey. He’s committed to making this journey as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for our members, a testament to the supportive community we foster at HENCH.

Specialities: Jay’s expertise lies in introducing beginners to strength training, a highly valued skill at HENCH.

Personal Bio:  Jay’s fascination with strength training began 15 years ago, initially shaped by a performance-oriented mindset and an emphasis on athletic development. After a profound shift in his perspective during his university years, Jay learned to appreciate the remarkable benefits of strength training beyond performance – encompassing mental and physical well-being. This personal journey fuels his passion for coaching and enhances his understanding of the various obstacles individuals might face on their fitness journey.

Fun fact: As a child, Jay dreamt of becoming a male stripper after watching The Full Monty!