Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just offer group training?

We offer a mixture of private, semi-private and small group coaching, depending on the focus and technical complexity of the session and requirements of the individual.

How do memberships work?

Membership is unique to you as an individual and will take into account your individual goals and requirements.

After you complete your 21 Day Trial, your coach will help identify the most appropriate membership option for you based on your goals and individual considerations.

Our approach to fitness and wellbeing is unique to you and that also extends to our approach to membership.

Do you offer discounts?

We operate a number of discount schemes, including those for full time students and corporate wellness rewards programmes. Email us at enquiries@hench.io to find out if you are eligible.

Does Hench work like other gyms in Belfast city centre?

HENCH caters to individuals who are serious about their strength and wellbeing goals. We are a private training facility, specialising in providing coach-led training programmes.

We do not operate on the same basis as public gyms - it is our belief that strength training should be approached the same as learning to dance or any other skill. Our members are guided by a coach at every stage of their strength training journey - from beginner to champion athlete.