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Our Proven Approach

HENCH is the first and only gym that teaches strength training one-on-one in a group environment, with individual programming and reserved equipment. As pioneers in Small-Group Strength Training (SGST), we have continually innovated to become renowned experts at putting the evolving needs of each member first to achieve their personal goals whilst nurturing a thriving community that champions personal progress and collective support.

Focus on Function, Not Just Appearance.

While physical appearance is often a driving factor for people to work out, we prioritise functional strength and fitness at HENCH. We believe that by improving overall strength, mobility, and endurance, our members will look better and feel better in their day-to-day lives.

Train for the Arena of Life.

We understand that people have various reasons for working out, however we believe in training that translates to real-life performance. Our programmes and workouts are designed to improve functional strength and movement, ensuring our members can easily tackle everyday challenges. We’re talking about carrying a child, running for a bus, moving furniture, carrying groceries, climbing a mountain - the demands of being human.

Embrace Autonomy, Consistency and Progressive Overload.

Consistency is key when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. We encourage our members to commit to their training and apply the principle of progressive overload. When this is dovetailed with developing autonomy and connecting your deeper purpose for training with what you do in the gym, you’ll remain driven to keep increasing the intensity, volume, or complexity of training sessions over extended periods to stimulate continuous progress.

Prioritise Quality over Quantity. Developing Mastery.

We believe in mastering fundamental movements and exercises while keeping even variety in there to keep things fun and fresh. Rather than constantly changing routines or overloading workouts with too many sets, we focus on mastering core exercises and ensuring proper technique, which leads to more effective and efficient progress. Mastery is a continuum which must be accounted for and managed to continue your rate of progress as you become more experienced and your needs change.

Balance Intensity and Recovery.

We understand the importance of pushing yourself during workouts but also recognise the value of adequate rest and recovery. Our training programs are designed to balance high-intensity sessions and recovery periods and tools to maximise results while minimising the risk of injury.

Enjoy The Journey.

We believe a strong sense of community can play a vital role in achieving fitness goals. At HENCH, we foster a supportive and motivating environment where members can connect, share their experiences, and encourage each other. Training is fun; training partners can become lifelong friends, so enjoy the journey!

Make Nutrition a Lifestyle.

We recognise that nutrition plays a critical role in overall health and fitness. Rather than promoting restrictive diets or fads, we encourage our members to adopt a sustainable and balanced approach to nutrition that supports their training and well-being

The HENCH Principles

HENCH was founded on a simple principle: Strength is for everyone. Our philosophy is not just about lifting weights; it's about fostering a lifestyle of strength that transcends the gym and affects every aspect of life.

Embrace the Challenges of Life with Strength and Resilience.

Life is filled with obstacles and challenges. We believe in building physical and mental strength to overcome these inevitable difficulties with confidence and resilience.

Physical Training Fosters Mental Growth.

At HENCH, we understand that training the body also trains the mind. Committing to a consistent strength training program not only transforms your physique but also cultivates mental toughness, discipline, and determination.

Develop Sustainable Habits for Long-term Success.

Success in fitness and life is built on a foundation of sustainable habits. We focus on cultivating healthy habits that become integral to your daily routine, ensuring long-term progress.

Reach Your Potential.

We believe that everyone has untapped potential, and through hard work and dedication, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible by stacking the evidence high enough that your self-limiting beliefs begin to crumble. We'll help you unlock your inner strength and redefine your limits way beyond the gym.

Strive for Progress, Not Perfection.

Perfection is an unattainable goal, but continuous progress is achievable. HENCH encourages you to make improvements every day rather than striving for an unreachable ideal.

Champion Authenticity and Integrity.

HENCH stands as a beacon of authenticity and integrity in an era of worsening body image and misinformation about how to train correctly to look and feel your best. We are committed to providing accurate and trustworthy information to our clients and the wider fitness community.

Live with Purpose and Passion.

Purpose and passion are the driving forces behind a fulfilling life. We'll encourage you to discover your purpose and pursue it with passion, determination, and unwavering commitment.

Stronger For Life

We'll help you take the guesswork out of strength training so you can achieve your unique goals whilst waving goodbye to crowded gyms.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Conor Johnson

Senior Coach Jay Malcolm

Business Manager Ciara Bailey

Founder Rory Girvan

Coach Bronagh Donnelly