Testimonial: Ciara

“I’m spending half the time in the gym as I did previously but making much better progress. I feel less fatigued during long and stressful work days, and better in general – happy that I can carve out space in my day to lift.”

Other members


"It kinda reminds me of Cheers. You know, like you know where everybody knows your name. I feel like I'm part of something in the community, and the coaches here are smiling at me and encouraging me and making me feel like I can accomplish whatever I wanted"

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"Unparalleled coaching provided at Hench, I have trained in lots of different gyms and with different coaches and have never made as much progress, or enjoyed my training, as much as I have at Hench."

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"The things I like best about HENCH is that coaching is really good. And it's made me think about exercise differently in terms of structuring it through my weight, giving myself rest days, allowing myself time to recover, eating well."

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